We are here to provide you with the best service with our professional tattoo artist team. Our team, specialized in the art of tattooing, works with our experienced masters in their own fields to turn your dreams into reality.



At our tattoo studio, we strive to create unique designs tailored to our customers' requests. Our artists take the time to understand our customers' needs, demonstrating that each tattoo is individualized. As a result, every tattoo is prepared with dedication and care.


Tattoo art is not just a job for us, it is a passion. Each of our artists at our tattoo studio approaches their work with a passion, understanding that each tattoo has its unique story. We are excited to bring our customers' dreams to life through our art.

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"Everything will definitely come true."


Hi, my name is Kate.

I am a designer and tattoo artist from Belarus. Now I live and work in Turkey, in Antalya.If you believe in a dream, it will definitely come true.
I want to share my story.

Since childhood I loved to draw. I sketched illustrations from books, bought magazines with interiors, drew from there and came up with something new. I really wanted to go to study at an art school, but it was far from home. Therefore, I finished the school nearby with physical and mathematical bias. I chose a profession for myself easily and immediately. A big wish to practice tattoo emerged at the age of 14, when a new program “Miami Inc.” appeared on TV. It was my little dream, which I thought at that time would never come true. Tattoos wasn’t so popular in our country at that time. This program from America was so popular, I remember the girl Kat Von D also participated there. She became my real idol for tattooing. Bright, beautiful, and a tattoo artist. Since then, I imagined… Read More

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We have formed a team of experts who specialize in the art of tattooing, each with their own experience in their respective areas. Each of our artists offers our clients an unforgettable tattoo experience with their creativity, originality, and attention to detail.

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