A new generation tattoo house in Old Town, Antalya
with it’s art concept and threefold building.


We focus on original and custom tattoos and offer our clients
all styles of tattoos from old school to minimalist design.


We cover your old tattoos with
unique tattoos on your skin with special design.

Meet Us

Meet Us

"Everything will definitely come true."


Hi, my name is Kate.
I am a designer and tattoo artist from Belarus. Now I live and work in Turkey, in Antalya.
If you believe in a dream, it will definitely come true.
I want to share my story.

Since childhood I loved to draw. I sketched illustrations from books, bought magazines with interiors, drew from there and came up with something new. I really wanted to go to study at an art school, but it was far from home. Therefore, I finished the school nearby with physical and mathematical bias. I chose a profession for myself easily and immediately. A big wish to practice tattoo emerged at the age of 14, when a new program "Miami Inc." appeared on TV. It was my little dream, which I thought at that time would never come true. Tattoos wasn’t so popular in our country at that time. This program from America was so popular, I remember the girl Kat Von D also participated there. She became my real idol for tattooing. Bright, beautiful, and a tattoo artist. Since then, I imagined... Read More
Art Inspiration of 21st Century

Art Inspiration of 21st Century

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    Working Hours

    OPEN 10am - 10.30pm

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    Barbaros, Kocatepe Street
    No:17/A Old Town-Antalya See Location

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3 steps to has Antalya Tattoo
Tattoo Questions and Answers

3 steps to has Antalya Tattoo

Is it safe to get tattoo?
At White & Black Tattoo House, your health and safety are our highest priority. We follow strict procedures to avoid cross contamination as well as providing new needles for every customer. Our procedure consists of individually wrapped instruments that simply unfold in front of you. All used containers and unused ink are discarded after each tattoo. We also use 2 types of gloves: nitrile for tattooing, latex for cleaning and sterilization.
How should i prepare
for tattoo?
First of all, don't be afraid. We recommend that you eat well and healthy, get enough sleep and take a shower before you come. It is very important not to party the night before, as alcohol can prolong bleeding for up to 24 hours. Blood also dilutes our pigments, affecting both the appearance of your tattoo and the healing process.
How should i care for a
new tattoo?
The initial healing process of tattoos takes between 7-10 days. It can take about three to four weeks for a new tattoo to look like it's really there. At first, remove the bandage 2-3 hours after leaving the studio. Gently wash at least 2 times with antibacterial soap under warm running water. Gently apply the ointment you have purchased as per our instructions in a very thin layer at least 2 times a day. Do not scratch a new tattoo and do not touch it with dirty hands. Keep away from pets, swimming, sunbathing, tan, tight clothing and coarse fabrics for 2 weeks. We are at your service as Antalya tattoo artist.
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